Confessionals (Creation out of Chaos)
A black, cold and dark room, filled with everyday objects, such as windows, doors, glass; all shattered and smashed, blocked, barred, limited, hammered, nailed, torn apart, representing chaos, darkness, sorrow, sin. The lowest point, the bottom, the nadir.

In judaism, it is a common belief that the redemption and light come from the gutters. The messiah is born out of the most forbidden acts (incest). It is like a seed that is planted in the ground, and rots: only then can it grow again into a tree. Without decay, darkness, death, there is no possibility for growth and ancest. The deeper you decend, the higher you can ascend.

Legend has it that Hassidic scholars could make a human being (ADAM in Hebrew) out of earth (ADAMA in Hebrew). They would use secret combinations and repetitions of letters and words, like a mantra, in order to create an entity, and would breathe life and soul into it by inserting God’s name into the earth, the mud. However, if they mixed the name by mistake, or inserted it in the wrong order, they would drown in the mud, instead of animating it.
The tale refers to the divine spark within the primeval material (the muddy ground). Mud, or clay, can be a material for creation, but at the same time it holds a potential for destruction. The mystic and artistic experiences are intense. They pull one with magic strings, yet they conceal many dangers. When a person is not ready to experience such a strong enlightenment, he may be blinded by the light.