The Blue Chamber of The Heart
The Blue Chamber of the Heart

A blue room. Representing the removal of dirt, the remains of chaos, and the expansion of awareness.

The heart is the center. It is identified with the wisdom and with the secret of creation, and is believed to possess the power of knowledge, unlike other organs.
Blue, the color of water and sky, is a symbol of abundance. It is also a very light color, conveying a sense of floating. The heart is cleared and emptied and the body feels light.

Underlying this room is the need to empty, clear the heart, in order to make room for the divine abundance, to allow re-filling. Chaos leads to creation, which in turn leads to higher order and to the cleaning of the soul, rendering an empty space for the divine abundance (the light and fire) to come in.

Nothing is more whole than a broken heart. (Ba’al Shem-Tov)
Rabbi Abulafia likened the soul to an old water pool, whose waters are slowly and gradually cleaned from all the earth and sand and dirt that have accumulated within it throughout the years. When it is finally cleaned, the pool can be filled with divine waters. Likewise, sorrow and suffering are analogous to the dirt in the water. When one gets rid of them, and the soul is cleansed, there is room for divine abundance.
The dominant color is Blue: the heart, expansion. Consists of two parts. Chairs and paintings. Still marking pain or a memory of pain, but at the same time an expansion, an opening of the heart, acceptance, closeness to divinity. The accompanying sound is the sound of silence.