The Chamber of Fire and Light
The Chamber of Fire and Light
A bright, warm and illuminated room. This room represents a possibility of redemption, yet conceals a risk of fall. The constituent elements are ambiguous too: The light is expanding, infinite, abstract. It is redeeming and enlightening yet blinding. The fire is burning, leading to destruction, back to dust and ashes, back to chaos: but at the time it is also purifying, cleaning.

The candle symbolizes the soul and spirit. In Jewish tradition, the righteous are depicted with a candle burning over their head, over angle's floats a halo of light, and divine throne is surrounded by fire. Evil men, on the other hand, exhibit an extinguished candle. It is light which is nourished by the inner Tikun, internal amendment, correction, reform. It holds the divine power to distinguish between good and evil (burn the wicked and purify the righteous).

Fire and Light drive away the darkness (chaos), and bring the morning (redemption). Fire leads to a purified state, allowing the entry of the divine light, and consequently the expansion of awareness and the "drowning" in the divine abundance and "sinking" with it to the earth.

Ultimately, this room represents the filling of the emptied blue heart with light, with fire; The turning of a person into an angle with a heart of gold - the peak of the Tikun.

 Legend tells about God’s Illuminated Field of cosmic trees. God, the gardener, cultivates these trees, watering them and pulling out the weeds, and the trees blossom, producing wondrous fruit in the form of souls. This magical garden is surrounded with a muddy swamp. Every once in a while God inserts his hand into the mud and pulls out a lost soul, planting it in his garden, thereby turning it into an illuminated tree.
The cosmic tree is rooted in the ground, and its branches reach the heavens. It bridges between Man and Divinity, serving, on the one hand, as a channel for divine abundance, and on the other, as a ladder allowing Man to climb up from the world of Matter to the Upper world of Spirit.
It is said that every night when a person goes to sleep, his soul leaves his body, and is hung on the branches of a sacred cosmic tree, watching him from there. In the morning, when he wakes up, the soul returns to his body. Thus every morning a person is born anew. The soul is like a garment a person takes off and puts back on. It is a separate entity which can expand and grow (or alternatively dwindle and die). It belongs to the Creator and is given to Man as a present which he must deserve. It is given to Man in order to perform a process of correction.
The lost souls live in exile. Restless souls, in constant movement, they cannot find their place in the world. God pulls the lost souls out of this dark and chaotic universe, showing them the illuminated path.